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The video and sounds

While most games count on graphics, this game counts on the story. So the graphics are not amazing. But the objectís sharpness is incredible, itís very detailed. Tachyon: The Fringe has a very rich universe such as Nebulas, planets, space derbies, asteroids, useless junk. And the space fog is just brilliant. Very well done, it seems almost real. When the fog is moving it havocís on human perceptions. It is extremely hard to fly in there. Well, the not too amazing graphic made the movements fast and sharp. The kind of game like Tachyon has only one suggestion on the resolutions, the higher the better.

The music in the game is good but you donít hear them often. They synchronize with the situation you are in, so if you are in a battle, a more boosting, energetic music will start. But the music is so rare and short that I decided to put on my earphones and listens to my own music instead of theirs. As for the voice acting, it was just absolutely breathtaking or brilliant if you prefer, with Bruce Campbell in it turning a simple space simulation game into something much more potent. Most people want the game because of Bruce Campbellís voice acting. I personally loved the voice acting of everybody, they sounded like they are one with the characters in the game, and they talk with emotions unlike some others. As for the weapon sounds, I just love to shoot all the torpedoes and missiles together. It just feels great.

Screen shots


If you are looking for a easily controllable space SIMM, and care more about the actual story then just some awesome graphics, then you will love Tachyon: The Fringe. Itís unique story with a great varieties of environments will give you the never get bored of its kind of feeling. You will want to play the same mission with other ships and different ways. My critics are centered on horrible and annoying laser sounds and short music time. The game has an average length. You can finish both sides within a week. This game just needs a normal computer to run it, no high requirements. So everyone can enjoy it. We would like to applaud NovaLogic for a job well done.

(Ben) Ping-Yu Ni
Gaming Contributor


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