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Might and Magic

Gameloft has suddenly entered the mobile game market and is taking it by storm. Forget everything you know about mobile gaming and go download Might and Magic on your mobile. The graphics barrier has been torn down, the sound ceilings have been elevated and the game play limitations have disappeared. Might and Magic will set the bar for the future of mobile gaming and the people over at Gameloft have really put together something great.

Might and Magic revolves around Ewan, a loyal fighter who seeks to save his kidnapped king. Along the way, he will meet Lorean, the elvin archer and Kayu, the changling. In order to play this game, get ready to think on several planes. You do not play one character, in fact, you will play all characters at one point or another because each character's ability will allow you to succeed at you mission. Get ready to solve puzzles. You must combine your wit with your intelligence to wield the elemental forces of wind, fire and ice in order to manipulate the levels to your liking.

For those who enjoy the new generation of Prince of Persia games, you will love Might and Magic…and now you can bring the game with you. I have been playing this game for at least 2 weeks non-stop now and still, I haven't even begun to get bored. What stands out from other mobile games I've played is this game's depth. Your interactions with each stage determine your outcome.

The game play is solid and simple. Your environment can be manipulated intuitively without over thinking anything. The level architecture is extremely well presented. Allowing for several ways to finish a level, each step toward the game's end will have you wanting to play the game from the beginning just to descend other less played paths.

In terms of graphics, this game has the finest graphics I've seen. This game is an isometric Diable-like environment featuring weaponry and obstacles that transcend the one-dimensional barrier. One of my favorite level additions is the golden rod that allows Ewan to swing over and across platforms, or swing vertically onto a higher ledge. Such graphics are not heard of on a mobile console – unheard of until now.

The sounds are really, really appealing. When others are listening to you play, they will all want to play. The sound cues when finding new powers and spells actually motivate the player to keep going.

When it comes to longevity, the built-in multiple level end feature will have you playing for months on end. The ensemble of different characters varies in strength and ability.

Kayu is somewhat of a special character. In order to pass difficult levels, he can actually transform into a bat and cross the toughest areas without a scratch. Such leeway is essential because it alleviates players from simply giving up and retiring the game for good.

The enemies are vast and different. I like how all of the enemies have special powers and movements. They really add to the game's existing depth.

Another great feature to the game is the ability to save and load games! I simply love it. Unless you are completely obsessed with Might and Magic, you will not be able to finish this game in one sitting.

Another cool feature is Ewan's ability to move and pick up objects. This ability will come in handy when you simply cannot jump high enough to reach the key platform. The other characters' abilities are just as varied and exciting.

Before Might and Magic came along, my mobile game standards were well below sea-level. Now that I have witnessed what is possible, I am forever changed. New releases will have to set some pretty impressive ground to counter-effect my Might and Magic syndrome, but in the meantime, I look forward to sampling more games from the creative and brilliant minds over at Gameloft. I'm ready for your next challenge.

Graphics: 9.5
Game play: 9.0
Sound: 8.0
Longevity: 8.5

The Good: Practically everything about this game is great. I have no complaints.

The Bad: Nothing really, I just wish my battery would last longer so I can play ever more.

Franco Santeli