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The backgrounds of the game are amazingly well detailed. As for the characters, they look real enough, but some of the monsters, they donít belong in the game. They should be in the cartoons. The worst graphic is the fire, the horrible fire, yet deadly. Do you remember or know Duke Nukem 3D? Remember when you break a barrel, the way the fire is displayed. Well this gameís fire is much the same. As for now, you will eyewitness the in-game graphics.

A good music is the key to produce an ambiance that fuses with the game, which Blizzard did pretty well for Diablo II. The voice acting in the cinematic was excellent, but quite different in the actual gaming. It is not as dynamic as the cinematic but itís still good. Blizzard is also known for their superiority in sounds, but in this game there just isnít enough variety of sound effects for the action your character or the monster make. For example: itís always the same clanging sound in fighting, regardless the weapon you are using. Maybe the cinematic left them less time to do it. Who knows?


As for the conclusion, I got a lot to say so get ready and read. For those RPG lovers, you people probably wonít let anyone else touch it and if you are one of the millions of people who have waited and counted the days until its release, then you wonít even let a single particle of dust to fall on it. This game has everything except the graphics, but they wonít stop you from enjoying the game to its full potential. My critic is focused on the average monster graphics.

If you are afraid of the thunder, then trust me; do not play this game while there is a thundershower outside. You really donít need nor want nature to add more fear in some freaky levels. Blizzard has never created a bad game, letís just keep it that way and everyone will be happy. My colleagues and I would like to applause Blizzard for a job well done.

(Ben) Ping-Yu Ni