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Game interface

Well the controls are so simple that it took away the space simulation style and changed it into an arcade style. It makes you feel like you are flying a miniaturized plane. With the almost invincible ship and brainless kills, it just got dumber. It sure is fun when you like to kill, blow things up and keep your brain on status (OFF). Well if you donít have to use your brain in the game, think about the enemy AI (Artificial intelligence). "They have AI." Yes, but all they know to do is to either shoot you or fly. So, donít even bother trying high manoeuvrable piloting. You just have to turn around and shoot them, they will not even try to evade.

You have only one side and one ship to play with, so not much for options here. The status and radar are simple to use. The voice acting is just horrible, Iíll explain further. All you do is to hear the personís monotone speech. The way you recharge your health and shield is to touch a power up of what your dead enemy have left. Itís the same way to get weapons. Well at least you got 10 weapons to switch from as you progress through the missions.

If you want to play it with a person or people, you will have to either know someone that has Bang! Gunship Elite or you will have to sign up with Mplayer so that you can play with anyone around the globe who is available. Since itís an arcade game, itís very fun in multiplayer because most arcade games are made for Net plays.

As for the box, ha, funny I should say that. I didnít get any box at all, just the manual and CD. The reason that they didnít send me the box I suppose is because this is a review sample. In anyway, we always prefer receiving products boxed. The manual of the game has a colourful cover, but once you opened the book, you will want to close it right away. It has three colours only: Black, White and orange. It is somewhat boring because they made it look too serious.

Video and sounds

When I started to play, the first thing that dazzled me was the graphics. I said to my self: "Man, I gotta stop the ship and take a look around!" While some games take the real face of deep space; a dark and cold place. This game gave it tenderness and warmth. It felt right at home. This gameís strong point is here, the graphics. Too bad that Red Storm wasted all of their time on the graphics and didnít think about improving its weaknesses. The worst thing is, it needs a quality graphic adapter to fully enjoy it.

Music, What music? I didnít hear any music during the game. Well yeah sure, there is music in the intro but thatís it. Actually, the music is very weak for some unknown reason. Nevertheless, if you put the music level to max and the sound FX level to low you will hear some minor music. Cannon shots sound effects are all annoying after a while because it just keeps playing the noise repeatedly. Explosions are different, especially when you have a Sub-Woofer on your audio system. Itís just a well being sensation. Remember when I said that the voice acting was horrible? Well, my opinion stands. Because first, at the briefing, you will have someone talking to you with a voice that has no tone. It sounds cold and boring. The breaks that the voice actor gives are not in the right timings. Second and last of all, the taunts of an enemy pilot have Russian accents. Why do Russian people always have to do the "bad guys" voices in movies and games? (I am just trying to support our Editor in chief here who happens to be Russian) J


If you love arcade games, want good graphics, simple controls and donít care about the sound, then you will adore Bang! Gunship Elite. Its unique graphics gives you the feeling to explore the environment instead of fighting. Well, my main critics are focused on poor voice acting and weak volume on music. However, most of the graphics covers the gameís weaknesses until you get used to it. Because after you got use to it, you will start to notice all the smallest details. We all know Red Storm corporation for their all time Hit "Rainbow Six" and several other quality simulation games, and we believe that they should continue doing of what they do best. Bang! is a great game, but we believe Red Storm could have done better.

"BEN" Ping-Yu Ni


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