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The performance of the Impact 4 is nothing short of impressive. You'd need a really good GeForce 2 Ultra card to get better core performance as we saw with the similar core overclocks of the Leadtek and X-Micro cards. We can see the reason why better memory performance is desirable to gamers with the improved benchmarks of the Impact 4.

If you are in the market for a GeForce2 based card I highly recommend you consider the X-Micro Impact 4 Pro. For a very reasonable price you get a great performer with the ability to stay in your gaming rig for some time to come. In everyday use I enjoyed its performance and stability. I have to point out that the better memory made the Impact 4 much more stable than any of the GTS cards I've tested. Throw in the TV-OUT and you have a card that is more useful than a lot of the more basic gaming cards out there.

Victor Oshiro August 24, 2001



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