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Remember the overclocking I mentioned before. We were able to achieve more than a 15% improvement in the core speed and exactly a 15% improvement in memory clock. This translates into a card with very good performance for a very easy price of just under $150. Everyone recall that a high performance card was $250 and easily higher just a year ago.


I don't hesitate recommending this card. Yes, the GeForce4 line has much higher perorming cards available. But remember that these cards come in at $299 and $399 and there are a few "tuner" cards out there that are easily passing the $450 mark. I don't know about all of you but I'm sure many of us find those numbers hard to swallow. At $149 we find very acceptable performance that even includes 64 MB of DDR memory and a very good TV encoder. WinDVD is included with the unit as well as a harness that allows you to plug into an RCA video in or VHS-C. This makes the unit very adaptable to using your computer to shoot DVD movies onto your TV. It would be hard to believe much more flexability being packed into a video card without the price being hurt.

Victor Oshiro May 4, 2002


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