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Benchmarking Setup

AMD Athlon XP 1800+ (1533 MHz)
Heatsink & Fan
256 MB DDR PC2100 (266 MHz)
Hard Drive(s)
Western Digital 27 GB ATA66


EPO 50x, Philips 8x CDRW
Sound Card
On board 3D Surround (AC97 Codec)
Video Card

X-Micro GeForce4 MX440

Operating System
Windows 2000 Professional SP-2
Video / VIA Drivers
nVidia 28.32 drivers / VIA 4.38(2)v(a) 4-in-1 drivers
Benchmarking Applications
Quake III Arena
Microsoft DirectX 8.1
Madonion 3DMark 2000 v1.1, 3D Mark 2001

We soldier on with the AthlonXP 1800+. Yes there are faster CPUs available from AMD but they haven't cared to send us an update for our lab. Entering the configuratoin is the X-Micro GeForce4 MX440 which was overclocked to 330 MHz core and 460 MHz memory. At $149 this is quite a good performing video card.

The Latest 4 in 1 drivers resolve some video install issues - and uninstall apparently. The 28.32 Nvidia drivers are the latest approved version and are a nice progression. Obviously driver support is one of the big reasons to get an Nvidia sourced card.

I've teased you along with mention of the overclocking of this card. The stock core speed is 275 MHz. How does 330 MHz of rock solid stabily sound? 350 MHz was achievable but there were video glitches and stabilty issues so I scaled it back. Stock memory speed is 400 MHz which in and of iteself is pretty impressive. How does 460 MHz of DDR performance hit you? These are some very impressive numbers considering that it is a budget card - apparently in wolve's clothing.

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