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So a lot of you are wondering what software like this would rate. I can't place an actual numeric rating on beta drivers. What we can see with these drivers is the direction that Matrox is moving in with the software that supports their cards. Matrox has moved past the idea of giving us more hardware features in their current cards and is now squarely taking productivity on.

You will have to figure out for yourself how much web browsing you do. If you do a lot, like I do, then adding more features is always a bonus. If you don't do a lot of productivity work I don't think these added features will sway you to a Matrox card. What I do see is a lot of people who have used a Matrox card in the past or were considering a purchase of a Matrox card sticking with Matox and not moving to another manufacturer for their dual display business/productivity video card.

The Millennium G450 shipped with a motto of "see more. do more". As soon as these drivers are available to the public you will certainly be able to see and do more with a DualHead equipped card. One drawback of these new drivers is that at this time they only work with IE 5.5 and later browsers. Users who still are using an earlier browser version and those who have stayed away from Microsoft's browser will have to convert to see the benefits that these new drivers provide.

Victor Oshiro Feb 26, 2001


Web Target PC


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