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This is an amazing card. Even with the CPU running at 500 MHz we are getting nearly 90 FPS in Quake III's Fastest mode @ 800x600. If you have a CPU that runs near or faster than 500 MHz you won't be disappointed with the Outrageous GeForce2 GTS. The fact that I passed 104 FPS @ 800x600 in Normal mode still has me smiling. Direct3D full antialiasing performance was disappointing, but with new driver versions coming from nVidia almost weekly and DirectX 8 only a short time away I think we can expect an improvement in that area.

The unit delivers blistering performance. It is shipped with a very impressive software bundle. Add to it all that Absolute Multimedia delivers the card with such a high quality heatsink/fan unit and ram heatsinks and you know that they are commited to the overclocking community. Even when I turned the AGP bus up to 88 MHz this GTS card was as stable in my testing as at its stock speed. Not many cards could even try that, much less do it with no visual artifacts or system lockups.

At $275 USD its not cheap by any measure. But you can't get performance increases in your 3D applications like this unless you are willing to upgrade your CPU and get a recent generation video card. I say why bother? 500 MHz was plenty of CPU to see great gaming performance. As you move up to a better CPU you can expect large performance gains with this card. If you are lucky enough to have a faster CPU than that then definately pick one of these up and see how high a resolution you can run at with all that eye candy turned on.

Victor Oshiro - 18/7/00

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