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The Card

Absolute Multimedia certainly didn't skimp on their GTS card. Take a look at those objects to the right and above the GPU heatsink/fan unit. Absolute has shipped their units with heatsinks attached to the ram. Under those heatsinks resides Infineon 6ns DDR memory. What isn't visible is that on the reverse of the card sit two identical heatsinks each also covering two of the Infineon chips. Adding ramsinks to a video card has become a way to get more performance out of the ram.

Next, look at the heatsink/fan unit. While most cards will be shipped with a small square heatsink with a fan on it the Ourageous GeForce2 GTS ships with an oversized round (orb-like) heatsink. Absolute chose this heatsink/fan becuase in their own testing this unit ran 10 degrees F cooler than the fan used by their competition. That's what I like to see: a company who tinkers with their product until they feel that it is ready for the rabid overclocking masses.

The Software Bundle

The Outrageous GeForce2 GTS comes shipped with an impressive software bundle that should satisfy any gamer. I was very impressed with how large a software bundle they ship. This bundle includes:

  • a short installation video
  • Intervideo WinDVD with AC3 support
  • MusicMatch 4.0 Juke box MP3 Utilites
  • Shipping 5.22 drivers
  • Soldier of Fortune
  • Three software titles of your choice: Heretic II, Colin McRae Rally, Toca 2, UEFA Champions League, Unreal Tournament, Drakan, Driver, Supreme Snowboarding, and Rollercoaster Tycoon


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