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This bad boy is so fast, it sports a fan! To keep temperatures down in hot environments, it creates a nice safety margin too. The NIC card does have the ability to be externally powered, but the model I had was powered internally via a switch on the card itself. If this card ever dies, thumbscrews make for quick extraction and replacement. The port labeled as "serial" is only for Epson digital cameras.


For sometime, Epson printers have been at the top of my list and after switching from HP brand units over three years ago, I've never looked back. Admittedly, the pure black quality is not quite HP level but the color blows everything else away. Combine Epson's excellent customer service, reliability, top notch paper handling and the result is a package that's almost impossible to beat. For small networks and SOHO users, the 900N is the printer to purchase. And you can even lift the cover to examine the output as it's happening. Try that with a Hewlett Packard.

William Yaple


Web Target PC


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