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The Mobile Pentium III Processor

The new Intel Pentium III mobile processor from 600 to 650 features the new 0.18-micron technology. Resulting in faster computing speed and makes possible the use of smaller chips to create the thinnest, lightest mobile PCs. Mobile Pentium III processors featuring Intel Speed Step technology and Quick Start features further extend PC portability with lower power consumption and improved battery life.

The 500, 450 and 400 MHz mobile Pentium III processors deliver one of the highest Intel-based mobile PC performances ever. The new 500-MHz version is the first Intel processor available on the innovative 0.18 micron manufacturing process.
Todayís latest mobile attaching CPU technique is the Micro PGA (Pin Grid Array). The latest 0.18 Micro PGA is 19% smaller than the precedent 0.25 PGA. Another compact package is the 0.18 BGA (Ball Grid Array), it's 25% smaller than the 0.25 BGA.

The documentation

OS Preload:
Microsoft® Windows® 98 preloaded, Windows® NT/2000 compliant
BIOS Set-up, Power-on and HDD passwords    Acer System Recovery CD
TimeMachine by Acer    Notebook Manager
PC-cillin® 98    Sleep Manager
PC Doctor 3.0 for Windows   
Puma Intellisync®
AltaVista free access      

Acer includes a 730 series userís guide, covering everything from software to hardware. Even a detailed guide on how to upgrade, installing extra Random Access Memory (RAM), connecting PC Cards, etc. Whether youíre a beginner or the advanced user, the guide will come in handy.

There is also a little pocket card included,
itís basically a simple plastic card with a number of different key sets, to turn the touch pad off, turn the speaker off/on, adjust the brightness, contrast, etc. Acer also included a modem userís guide in the package, in five different languages, covering some troubleshooting, AT commands and some general informationís.

The other included guide in the bundle was the Windows 98 SE, getting started manual, covering basically some of Windows 98 features, giving installation tips, and some general troubleshooting. The last included documentation is warranty related material. You get the 1-Year warranty passport with some questions and answers in another document. And the warranty form it self.


Acer made it again, a new series of notebooks with different flavors to chose from. Our lab tests justified that the 730 series are built under the high-end terms with no exceptions. We didnít find any big negatives, but we did manage to find some improvements that could be done in their upcoming products.

First, it would be nice if they could include an extra RCA video out, or simply include a dongle that could do the job as an adapter, well actually, maybe this suggestion should go to ATI directly. Second, the prices are somehow a little bit too high cause of the several features built-in. Of course this is not bad, but it might touch the ones that are not planning to use them. Our suggestion is, maybe offer different models to chose from (No modem or no network adapter) or simply let the user configure his own system as DELL does.

We worked with several notebook computers in the past years, the TravelMate series were always considered being the top. And with their new 730 series knocking the door, they are not an exception again. If you are currently looking for a new notebook, we highly recommend you to take a look at the 730 series, they are by far one of today's most attractive product money can buy.

Oleg Mitskaniouk

April 17, 2000

Web Target PC


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