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Built-in firewall

Software allows the administrator to block certain sites

Came complete with all necessary components

Excellent manual


10 MBps speed

Does not feature a switch


The built-in hardware firewall will certainly protect you from those who may want to steal or corrupt your data. The ability for the administrator to block access to certain sites is certainly an interesting feature. That is one feature that begins to show that this unit was not built for the home market. At $479 it should be apparent that this unit is not directed for the average home networking purchaser.

I think that if the unit had 100 MBps speed then it could certainly become a better competitor in the home/small office market. A 10 MBps network can become saturated quite quickly and I would hope most businesses wouldn't try to add up the 250-user limit that the 100 to 250 user license allows. Add the fact that the unit is not equipped with a switch and it is apparent to me that a large network built behind this unit will be hopelessly congested.

Its long list of features will attract a lot of businesses looking for a unit that allows a large amount of control from the administrator's desk. The fact that this unit came so complete and with such a good manual makes it easy for me to recommend it for those of you shopping for an addition or even a starting point to your office network - as long as it is a small network.

Victor Oshiro
6 September, 2000


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