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Setup (Cont')

Sample Working Network (Wired & Wireless)


I have an unusual network at home; one that uses segments of different speeds. Back in December, I took the plunge and leapt into the gigabit networking realm. The Server is a P4 2.0Ghz box with 512MB of PC800 and WinXP Professional. The Client is a P3 933Mhz box with 512MB of PC133 and WinXP Professional. The Wireless client varies depending on what I throw the Orinoco into, but they usually are desktop, not laptop machines.

That last statement begs the question, "How do you hook a PCMCIA card into a desktop?" The Linksys WDT11 Wireless PCI adapter card answers it.

The Router/Switch/WAP represents the Wavebase of course.

Wavebase Screenshots

Main Setup
Adv Wireless
Static IP & DNS
Config Password
Dynamic DNS
Host IP & Group
Access Filters
Special Apps
Virtual Servers
Cust Virt Srvrs
Exposed Host
Expert Level

Web Target PC


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