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One of the main benefits of a kit like this is that you get a lot of good components packed together for a reasonable cost. If you scour the sales ads you may get some of the individual components cheaper but for the average person that is a lot of hassle when a company already has a pretested unit sitting on the store shelf. Add up the cost for the individual components and its very likely that you will be spending more money. I found the $79.99 price at Netgear's online store. That is a powerful price for a kit with all of these conponents.

What would I change? I wish that this kit came equpped with the same 25 foot RJ45 cables that the DB104 kit featured. Make no mistake that Netgear packs in some very high quality cables, but the expense of very long cables can be prohibitive. Perhaps they were omitted to keep the price competitive and allow the addition of the small FA311 NICs and the FS105 five port hub? If that is the case then I can understand the logic as these better NICs will serve through many network upgrades and the extra port on the hub will always be a welcomed addition.

Victor Oshiro 27 February, 2001


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