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Sturdy hub

25 foot RJ-45 cables

Great NIC cards

Complete Install Guides

A softback manual would be nice


I really liked this kit. I think it offers a lot of very good components packed together for a reasonable price. I could have been critical of there not being a switch inside the hub - but this thing is sold as a network starter kit and priced accordingly. Although the MSRP is $149, I was given a street price of $125 by Netgear. Since I saw the kit priced at $129 during a shopping trip at BestBuy I think that price is on the mark. I know some people will balk at the $129 USD price tag - but the quality of the components in this unit certainly warrant that. Consider the cost of buing two NIC's, a four port hub, and two 25 foot lengths of RJ-45 cable.The only other thing I could think of being packed in the kit is a short uplink RJ-45 cable for cable or DSL users, but the cable or DSL installer usually leaves one with the customer.

I'd rather the install manual be bound together in a book format - it's easier for me to keep track of after the install and less likely for me to lose during the install. But again, that's a matter of opinion as to my preference. At least all the necesary information for a first time installer is included. All in all I can highly recommend this kit to anyone. It offers everything that a home network needs except the computers to install it into.

Victor Oshiro 25 September, 2000


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