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After having setup a wireless network before I thought I may be disappointed by the PNA network. I couldn't have been more wrong. PNA was very easy to setup and proved to be a very good way to network without having to drag ethernet through my attic and into the walls of my home. I've used the PNA network for a few weeks now and it has interfaced so seamlessly with my existing network that I have to remember that the computers in the other rooms are connected via the phone lines.

I mentioned my preference for the installation with the DHN 1000 PNA Bridge previously. Keep in mind that this network is designed to grow with your needs. The basic DHN 920 kit features every component necesary for the installation to work with two computers. You can continue to add more computers to the network and even use MidPoint to keep expanding your internet connections to the other computers. At some point if you decide to add a router or switch you can upgrade the PNA network with the DHN 1000 Bridge. PNA networks are designed to not interfere with the quality of your phoneline or with your DSL connection.

Sohoware's wireless network came in at $600 for one PCMCIA adapter, a standard PCI adater, and the wireless hub that connects to the existing ethernet network. All that for 11 MBps of performance. If that isn't sobering I'm not sure what is. For $169 the PNA adapter offers impressive bang for the buck and 10 MBps of similar performance. Most small network users will be satisfied by the DHN 920 network kit and for slightly more than $300 you can have a good wireless (albeit phoneline dependent) network when the Ethernet Bridge is added. I highly recomend you consider a hardware firewall to compliment this network as NAT security is not included with the DHN 1000 Ethernet Bridge.

Victor Oshiro July 22, 2001


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