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Great price

Easy installation

Hardware firewall

Excellent manual

None - delivers on its promises


I was hard pressed to find anything wrong with the DI-701. It offers very solid value. Couple that with the easy install I experienced and my surprise at how complete the install components that were supplied with it were. All networking components should be this well thought out but unfortunately most fall short, especially with their documentation. If you are new to networking components you have nothing to fear with the DI-701. You can't compare a gateway to a router, but for what it is designed to do the DI-701 does not disappoint.

The DI-701 is an excellent upgrade for someone who has already invested in a home LAN setup. With an MSRP of $120 chances are that you can find it priced for $100 or less. At a price that low it's almost crazy not to add a hardware firewall to your LAN. I highly recommend you consider the DI-701 for your own networking needs. With such a great combination of features, ease of use, and solid pricing the DI-701 easily earns the TargetPC Value Award. Congratulations go out to D-Link on their impressive product.

Victor Oshiro
August 15, 2000


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