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The Installation was straightforward and very easy. Simply hook up the gateway to your Cable/DSL line and then ethernet port 1 to the computer close to the router. It's that simple. All of the configuration after that point is done from your web browser. Simply go to and any graphics will load directly from the router. At this point you only need to follow the directions in the included manual that takes you step-by-step in the process. Very easy.

In Use

To test the setup I took my laptop to various areas of the house. Reception was very good in areas where there were no physical obstructions like walls or doors. The quality of the signal will diminish if you have several of these obstacles between you and your gateway. I think user would be better off trying to find the optimal location in their home for the gateway as it will have the largest affect on all the computers around it that are on the network. Another factor that can damage your signal quality is cordless phones or other devices that operate in similar frequency ranges. Luckily that is as easily fixed as upgrading to a better phone in the 900 mHz range.

A Note on Firewalls

I've said it before and I'll say it again many times (I think). Be sure to purchase a product with a firewall. The last thing you need is someone accessing your financial or personal information on one of your computers. Think of a firewall is a dark window - you can see outside just fine - receiving your data and transmitting what you would like to - but those on the outside can't see in. It only takes one attack to lose a lot of productivity, or worse yet, have financial losses. Luckily the Home Gateway features a VPN based firewall. This isn't the best security available but for the price of the unit it is commendable that Actiontec included it.


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