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Ziff Davis has had CPUMark 99 out there for quite some time. Simple truth is that it only takes a few seconds to run this benchmark and it gives you a rough idea of what kind of speed the machine is capable of. The AK73 Pro only scored 72.3 with the Athlon 900. Same CPU and setup, just different boards. The only difference between the two boards is that the Trinity KT-A supports 4-way interleaving in its BIOS and the AK73 does not. I had read that 4-way interleaving can be a big performance boost but this really surprised me.You can download CPUMark99 from Ziff Davis here. The result with the AD11 was with 1.2 GHz and DDR memory so don't use that as a reference between the AD11 and KTa. It was put in to give perspective.

The AK73 Pro scored 2237 and 1097 respectively. This is getting interesting. While we aren't in DDR memory performance territory just yet you can see just what a boost a feature like 4-way interleaving can have. You can download Sandra here. Again, the AD11 results at 1.2 GHz were put in to give a perspective.

The AK73 scored 418 and 489 respectively. This is a memory benchmark so now we can compare all we want. Look at the high FPU/RAM Bandwidth score. Again I am left bewildered by the large improvement in performance. These are big performance gains in otherwise identical setups. Tyan should get a big pat on the back for having 4-way interleaving available in their BIOS. This is why the AD11 results were put in. Take a look at how well the KTa beats the AOpen AK73 and starts approaching the results of the AD11 at 1.2 GHz with DDR memory.


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