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The S2510 board

Tyan designed the Thunder LE S2510 to be supported in both ATX and 1U, 2U rack mount form factors, making it a flexible server solution for the majority. The four DIMM sockets are angled at 25 degrees to allow easy installation into a 1U rack mount chassis. As mentioned earlier in the ServerSet LE description, The ServerSet LE it self is capable of handling up 4-Gbytes of memory, it of course supports ECC (72bit) memory modules. Tyan opted to include two 64bit PCI slots for numerous add-on expansion cards as SCSI adapters and Ethernet Cards; they decided to not include any 32bit Slots. I believe this was a good decision as this specific board has been critically designed for front end serving applications and shouldn’t require much expansion because most of its capabilities are already on board. The board features onboard dual Intel Ethernet 82559 controllers (10/100Mbps data transfer per controller). As an option, you can get this board with an onboard Dual Channel Ultra160 SCSI adapter using the LSI Symbios 53C1010 Controller, capable of a 160Mbps throughput and up to 15 devices per channel. Both channels feature 68 Pin connectors.

Standard Model

Integrated Ultra160 SCSI

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If you decide not to go for the SCSI option, you still have the onboard IDE controller supporting UDMA/33 and 66 capable of handling up to four enhanced IDE devices.  The onboard video is ATI’s Rage XL™ graphics accelerator featuring a 4MB frame buffer (1Mx16 SDRAM). A total of 10 fan connectors are spreaded around the board. Three are located near the socket (1) and another one is present close to the socket (2). Four other connectors are present near the 20PIN ATX power connector and two others are situated close to the IDE connectors. Featuring the AMI / Phoenix BIOS on 4Mb Flash RAM with User settings for hardware monitoring, Auto configuration of IDE hard disk types and a Multiple boot options. Speed adjustments for the Front Side Bus (100/133), multiplier Adjustments (less important) and the PCI speed (33/66) is done via Jumpers.

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