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The Integrated Video Solution

The integrated graphics accelerator(i752 on-board video) as Intel named calls it, is nothing impressive. Just like on the 810, 810E chips, Intel decided to implant a low cost video solution in the 815 (E). In most scenarios, the integrated video on the 815 chip-set should perform better than the one on the 810, because the new one can operate at a higher clock speed.

i815 Accelerator- 4Mb
Matrox G400- 32 MBytes
1246 Marks
2874 Marks

Here are some 3DMARK 2000 numbers comparing the Integrated 815 accelerator to the Matrox G400 32MB video card. Unlike the 810-based mainboards, the 815 motherboards include an optional AGP port supporting AGP X4 that can be used to install a normal quality accelerator.

I donít think anyone will opt for the integrated video accelerator, as its performance is close to being horrible for 3d demanding apps, however it should satisfy most office users.

The bundle

Transcend included one IDE cable, an 80-pin cable for newer hard-drives based on the UDMA/66 Standard, and one FDD cable is bundled to use with your floppy drive. A good manual covering all the features and specification is included, and last a Transcend branded CD-ROM including the sound drivers, utilities and some troubleshooting information.

Benchmarking Setup

Intel Pentium III 1.0 GHz (Engineering Sample)
Heatsink & Fan
3dfxCOOL Alpha unit
Transcend TS-ASL3
128 MB Mushkin High Performance (REV2)
Hard Drive(s)


Sound Card
On board 3D Surround
Video Card
nVidia GeForce 2 Ultra - REFERENCE Board

Operating System
Windows 98SE
Video / VIA Drivers
nVidia 10.40
Benchmarking Applications
Microsoft DirectX 8
SysMark 2000


SysMark 2000
Transcend TS-ASL3
Azza 815TX


The ASL3 is a very attractive 815E solution, not only for the ones looking for rock solid stability and performance but even for the ones planning to squeeze the maximum performance from their Intel Processors, its easy FSB adjust utility (1 MHz increasements) and capability of pushing the core voltage is without doubts something that overclockers could use. My only concern was that Transcend did not bundle the bracket for the two optional USB ports. This should not be much of a concern for most because the ASL3 board is very well priced compared to some of Transcendís competition. If you are in the market for a quality 815E board, then the ASL3 would be something to check out.

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