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Sisoft Sandra - Memory Bandwidth
VIA P4X266
Intel 850
Intel 845 DDR
Intel 845 SDRAM
SIS 645


The PS4 Dragon Ultra, like the P4ISR is another feature packed Soyo board for the Pentium 4. With its several features such as 6 channel C-Media audio, external USB header and powerful overclocking potential makes this board a good choice for people looking for a robust and high performance motherboard for the Pentium 4.

SIS has done an outstanding job with its SIS645 chipset. With the support of DDR333 memory, SIS shows some impressive results in all of the tests and performs very close to Intel’s high end 850 solution.

It was a pleasure testing the P4S Dragon Ultra, we didn’t experience any stability issues whatsoever. It’s currently running full time on our video test machine and I must say that I’m very satisfied with it so far.

We pointed out a few design flaws on the P4S, the major one being the placement of the main IDE connectors, I would have highly appreciated seeing them below the third DIMM slot. Still, If I were building a Pentium 4 system today, the P4S with DDR333 memory would be my first choice.

Oleg Mitskaniouk



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