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We spent much longer with this board than we normally do with motherboard reviews. When we first received it we had a couple of major concerns with it. The overall stability of the board appeared to be poor and serious problems with AGP 4X video cards were evident. However, new driver releases from VIA and ATI fixed many of the problems we were experiencing. Since then, we have had the board running double time ensuring that problems we had were completely fixed.. I am happy to report that we uncovered only one unresolved problem which was with the popular HalfLife mod CounterStrike. We put this board through its' paces night and day and it has earned its' place in our benchmark testbed.

It's hard to pick out one area where this board excels but it does well in almost every area. Performance is the fastest we have seen from a KT133 board and stability is excellent. Future upgrades shouldn't be a problem with multiplier adjustments up to 12.5 and an Universal AGP4X slot. The board layout is OK, but there is definitely room for improvement here. We shouldn't have to disassemble the system to change the multiplier. Soyo needs to rethink the ATX power connector position. These problems aside, this is easily the best KT133 based motherboard we have seen.

Andrew Oliver


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