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We've discussed the overclocking features of the SL-75 KAV before. While 1 MHz incremental increases in FSB can yield every bit of performance from a CPU I was quite impressed by the availability of multiplier adjustments and the LED which lets you know you've successfully accomplished the connection of the L1 traces to allow the multiplier to be adjusted. I had similar overclocking success to the SL-75DRV but as it turned out the limiting factor was my memory as I only achieved 1242 MHz (138 FSB).


Once again we are happy to see Soltek's impressive software bundle. Included on the driver disk for the motherboard is ITE Smart Guardian which is a program that monitors your CPU and mainboard temps as well as the voltages for several components on the motherboard. It even monitors fan speeds for fans that are hooked up to the three motherboard fan connectors.

Soltek includes a second CD which is packed with the full versions of PC-cillin 2000, Virtual Drive, Drive Image 4.0, and Partition Magic 6.0. That is a very impressive software bundle as it not only includes the now almost mandatory anti-virus program but also has a HD partitioner and copier.


The SL-75KAV is a very reliable motherboard that I think would satisfy the needs of many users. The peculiar problem of not reaching 1.2 GHz with my Athlon did not pop up with this motherboard as it has with other KT133A based solutions. With low memory prices being the norm I think it would be a smarter buy to look for the SL-75DRV but if you have your heart set on a KT133A based motherboard you need go no farther than Soltek's SL-75KAV.

Victor Oshiro October 14,2001


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