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We've discussed the great overclocking options previously. Soltek has allowed the user to adjust CPU multiplier settings in 1 MHz increments directly from the BIOS. Depending on how out of spec your AGP and PCI components will let you go this can allow you to get every bit of performance out of your CPU that is possible. The AD11 did not support any BIOS overclocking possibilities. Going jumperless is very nice. I was able to get up to 1278 MHz (142 MHz FSB).If you have a 200 MHz FSB Athlon or Duron this will be a good way to get a little more performance.


Motherboard manufacturers are learning that their products have to do more than perform - they have to be useful. Thats where a good software bundle comes in. Included on the driver disk for the motherboard is ITE Smart Guardian which is a program that monitors your CPU and mainboard temps as well as the voltages for several components on the motherboard. It even monitors fan speeds for fans that are hooked up to the motherboard.

Soltek includes a second CD which is packed with the full versions of PC-cillin 2000, Virtual Drive, Drive Image 4.0, and Partition Magic 6.0. That is a very impressive software bundle as it not only includes the now almost mandatory anti-virus program but also has a HD partitioner and copier.


The SL-75DRV out performed the FIC AD11 in every benchmark. Some margins were very close but the result was always the same. Add the SL-75DRV's extra memory slot, support for 2 more USB ports, more fan connectors, cleaner layout, and impressive overclocking tools and its easy to see why I think this is the better board. The board has been incredibly stable in my extended use so I don't have any concerns about keeping it in my main computer.

Victor Oshiro August 25,2001


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