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Highpoint 368 ATA66 Non-RAID Mode Test

Video Card Tests

The AGP 4X mode still eludes nVidia video card owners so the concentration was the 4-way interleaving function.

D3D Tests
UTBench "N"
UTBench "H"
Non 4-way
7199 3DMarks
44.7 FPS
42.5 FPS
432 MP/s
7199 3DMarks
45.5 FPS
42.9 FPS
433 MP/s

UT and 3DMark2K are well known for their accuracy and repeatability. UTBench is somewhat of an aggravating benchmark because ultra high video card overclocking does little in comparison to plain old high CPU speed. Nevertheless, a few FPS were squeezed directly from 4-way interleaving. At 1024x768x32bpp, UT was very playable, not to mention the fabulous graphics from the CLA GTS.

OpenGL Tests
Q3A "N"
Q3A "H"
Non 4-way
133.8 FPS
84.7 FPS
354 MP/s
137.8 FPS
89.0 FPS
352 MP/s

More proof that 4-way interleaving of the memory increases overall performance, not just memory benchmarks. OpenGL type games show a slightly larger FPS boost even if they're nothing to write home about. Maybe think about 4-way as a tiny "turbo" option in the BIOS.

Memory Tests

Possibly these are the most controversial due to VIA chipsets having lower than 440BX performance. I didn't have a 133MHz FSB BX board available, but some extrapolation from a 100MHz BX CAS2 setup proved insightful. Iwill is doing great job with implementing the 4-way interleave memory booster and to that end I tested with 2 BIOS revisions: vdp0609 and as yet unreleased vdp0612. Sorry, I cannot give the beta vdp0612 out at this time. The SDRAM used was the excellent Techworks PC133 that is capable of CAS2 at 140MHz and CAS3 up to 150MHz.

SiSoft Benchmarks
Memory (CPU)
Memory (FPU)
Non 4-way
365 MB/s
414 MB/s
407 MB/s
464 MB/s


Exactly like the VD133PL, the Pro was immanently stable. In my case, the SDRAM pooped out in CAS2 mode before the P3 or the MB. Now, I'm searching for stable 160MHz CAS2. How times have changed. When Iwill fixes the only real problem, the ATA66 controller performing at ATA33 level, I could easily be persuaded to "up" the rating to a 9 out 10. This incarnation of the VIA 133 chipset is the best yet, but Intel's new i815 is fast approaching BX performance. If you can look past the controller issues, this is a very good overclocker's board. For those that want the last 1% of speed from their socket 370 chips, this is the one to buy now.

William Yaple


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