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Benchmarks (2)

This benchmark represents the memory bandwidth with each chipset. The 850 is leading with its dual RDRAM channel boosting 3.2GB/s. Note the big improvement of the 845D over the 845; the bandwidth is doubled when using DDR. The VIA P4X266 is slightly under the 845D.

This benchmark is similar to Sysmark 2001; it tests real world application performance. The 845 manages to get just behind the 850 solution.


The VC15 is a great solution for people looking for a stable and performant Pentium 4 system without having to empty their pockets. There is no doubt that the 845 paired with DDR performs much better than with SDRAM PC-133 memory, the memory bandwidth doubles when under DDR. I would like to applaud FICís software bundle which offers plenty of useful applications for all tastes. While not overclocking friendly, the VC15 is for people looking for the usual Intel stability and compability.

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