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BIOS Features

The AN19E features the popular Phoenix Award BIOS software. A good PC Health feature is included in the BIOS letting you see temperatures, warning temperatures and different voltages.

A Frequency/Voltage option is available in the BIOS. This famous feature will allow to push your Athlon CPU to the MAX. With this option, you can adjust the CPU multiplier adjustments, CPU ratio and most importantly FSB in 1MHz steps in order to truly discover how far you CPU can go.

A DRAM memory speed option is available as well, letting you run the memory faster than the CPU default speed, quite innovative in order to get the maximum bandwidth. In addition of running your RAM faster, you also have the option of raising its voltage to another 0.70v in 0.10v steps.
Test System

AMD Athlon XP 2100+
Heatsink & Fan


2 x 256Mb Mushkin PC3200 DDR SDRAM
Hard Drive(s)
IBM 15.3GB 75GXP 7200 RPM


Sony 48X
Sound Card
Video Card
GeForce 3 TI500
Windows XP PRO SP1
SiSoft Sandra 2003
SYSMark 2002


SYSMark is an application based benchmark that accurately reflects the patterns for business users in the areas of Internet Content Creation and Office productivity.

SiSoftware Sandra’s Arithmetic Benchmark shows how the CPU handles arithmetic and floating point instructions.

SiSoftware Sandra’s Multi-Media Benchmarks shows how the CPU handles Multi-Media instructions.

SiSoftware Sandra’s memory benchmark shows how the memory sub system performs.


Opening the AN19E package I was quite surprised to see the included options to this board compared to some other previous mainboard reviews that only came with the IDE cables and in some cases the RAID. Being a Serial ATA board the product comes bundled with a Serial ATA 0.5M data cable along with a serial power cable.

Featuring already 4 USB ports on board, FIC bundled an external two USB ports (bracket) for further expansion. Because the Input/Output panel of the board is already featuring an Ethernet port and four USB ports making it difficult to include anything else, FIC did not implant the gaming port on the Input/Output panel and instead just like with the two extra USB ports they used an external bracket.

The included manual and reference guide are very straight forward and easy to understand. As with their previous boards, FIC always includes a software package with their products. In this case FIC is providing the AN19E with the fallowing.

Norton AntiVirus 2002: The popular and most used anti virus application.

Norton Ghost 2002: Provides complete backups of the entire hard drive.

Norton Personal Firewall 2002: Providing security for your PC and privacy for your personal information.


The AN19E is a great solution for the ones looking into upgrading or building a good AMD Athlon system without emptying their pockets. While we found some small design flaws on the board, let me make no mistake when I say that the AN19E offers everything a high end user would want in his AMD mainboard, with today’s latest technologies and good performance the AN19E is something we would recommend taking a closer look at if you’re planning to upgrade… especially if you’re planning to squeeze the most out of your Athlon.

Oleg Mitskaniouk


Web Target PC


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