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Ziff Davis CPUMark 99


Ziff Davis has had CPUMark 99 out there for quite some time. Simple truth is that it only takes a few seconds to run a benchmark and gives you a rough idea of what kind of speed the machine is capable of. The AK73 Pro only scored 72.3 with the Athlon 900. We aren't comparing a 1200 MHz CPU to a 900 MHz but you might want to know. The AD11 totally shattered this ancient benchmark. You can download CPUMark99 from Ziff Davis here.

Sisoft Sandra 2001 Pro CPU benchmark
CPU Dhrystone 3360
FPU Whetstone 1644

The AK73 Pro scored 2237 and 1097 respectively. Thought some of you might still want to know. Again, the AD11 and 1.2 GHz Athlon are destroying benchmarks. You can download Sandra here.

Sisoft Sandra 2001 Pro Memory Streaming benchmark
ALU/RAM Bandwidth 564
FPU/RAM Bandwidth 725

The AK73 scored 418 and 489 respectively. This is a memory benchmark so now we can compare all we want. Look at the high FPU/RAM Bandwidth score. The floating point unit gets its data from the 266 MHz bus so we are starting to see why the jump to 266 MHz FSB is so important. Now digest this, I ran the memory at the stock settings. No optimizations whatsoever. So we can definately uncork some bigger numbers. This is what DDR memory and 266 will get right out of the box. Wow!


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