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The Package

A cool addition in the bundle is the included IDE cables, instead of including the standard flat IDE cables, FIC opted for two rounded blue IDE cables resulting in a cleaner interior and an improved air flow. Unfortunately only one SATA cable is provided along with a power cable, if you are planning to take advantage of the SATA RAID an extra SATA cable along with an extra power cable would have to be purchased separately.

The FIC P4-865PE board comes with three different expansion brackets, the first one is for the two FireWire ports, another one for the two extra USB 2.0 ports in addition to the 4 already on the I/O panel of the board and at last an extra audio bracket providing the extra REAR/BASS, CENTER, OPTICAL and COAXIAL outputs for the 5.1 audio.

A detailed manual with a step by step poster is included to help install the board and at last a FIC 1stUtilities CD coming with extra applications and utilities is bundled.


If you are the hardcore overclocker the P4-865PE is unfortunately not the best product out there today, overclocking this board is possible but limited. Speed changes can be done from 100MHz all the way to 233MHz in 1MHz steps. You can adjust the CPU, DDR, AGP/PCI and AGP voltages.

For your reference here is the clocking table.

CPU Voltage
1.50v up to 1.675v
DRAM Voltage
2.5v up to 2.8v
AGP Voltage
1.50v up to 1.80v
AGP / PCI Clock
66/33, 73/36, 88/48


Intel P4 3.06Ghz 800Mhz
FIC P4-865PE Max
2X256MB DDR Intel Reference
Seagate 2 X 120GB / SATA RAID
Radeon 9700Pro
Windows XP Professional

3DMARK 2001
Float: 4448
Int: 4442


After over 24 hours of testing, we found the P4-865PE Max to be quite a stable and performing product, its currently running in one of our computers in the office and I must say that Im personally quite satisfied with it. There is no doubts that the P4-865PE Max is one cool product, you will definitely get some extra attention with its funky look inside your case at night illuminating your room in three spinning colors, however if your are planning to push some extra performance out of your Pentium 4 processor by overclocking it to the extreme, there would be some better solutions on the market today.

If you are building or upgrading your current system and are looking for a feature packed Pentium 4 solution without extreme overclocking I would strongly suggest you to take a closer look at the FIC P4-865PE MAX.

Oleg Mitskaniouk

Web Target PC


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