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ATA100 Test

Video Card Tests

WinTune98 2D Tests
CPU Speed
GF2 GTS (32MB)
Onboard AGP (2MB)
211 MPixels/s
113 MPixels/s

Just for the fun of it, I decided to check the onboard video performance. What a shock! The 2D is approximately as good as the best 8MB AGP cards of 2 years ago. The 2MB shared video has resolutions up to 1600x1200 at 24bpp colors. Not to shabby for freebie video.

D3D Tests
CPU Speed
UTBench "N"
UTBench "H"
7650 3DMarks
45.8 FPS
41.4 FPS
426 MP/s

Of course, why would anyone buy such a great MB just to do the ubiquitous 2D? After MadOnion's proggy finished and the results screen popped up, the 7650 3DMarks hit me in the face. These are simply the highest scores ever achieved at TargetPC to date. I must admit though, that UTBench is getting a bit long in the tooth, as pure CPU speed rather than video card bandwidth seems to be the limiting FPS factor.

OpenGL Tests
CPU Speed
Q3A "N"
Q3A "H"
137 FPS
105 FPS
357 MP/s

Please note that the latest Nvidia 6.18 drivers were used for these tests. After several days of re-benchmarking various games, I have concluded that when compared to the 5.22 drivers, the newer 6.18's drop about 1% for D3D and gain at least 22% for OpenGL performance.

Memory Tests

Memory performance has come under fire recently, so I made sure to run the heralded SiSoft benchmarks in order to see what top quality CAS2 RAM could do under extreme conditions. At 140MHz FSB, the two 128MB sticks showed their true colors easily taking the top spot. Specifically, the ALU performance nudges out the Abit SE6's by a nose at 411 vs. 421. The FPU's were an exact match.

SiSoft 2000 Benchmarks
CPU Speed
Memory (ALU)
Memory (FPU)
421 MB/s
477 MB/s


Why do I love this board? Great stability, an overclocker's dream not only for FSB's out the wazoo, but the best Vcore and Vio adjustments and just plain old design quality from the ground up. If Asus figures out how to mimic Iwill's practically perfect voltage regulation and stability, there would be no other i815 MB to buy period. As it stands, a 9/10 score is very high praise and the regular BIOS updates can only make a great board even better.

William Yaple


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