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Benchmarking Setup

Intel Pentium III 500e @ 667 MHz
Heatsink & Fan
Stock Intel HSF
AOpen AX34 Pro II
128 MB Micron PC100 Cas2 SDRAM
Hard Drive(s)
Western Digital 27 GB ATA66


EPO 50x
Sound Card
On board 3D Surround (AC97 Codec)
Video Card
Absolute Multimedia Outrageous GeForce2 GTS

Operating System
Windows Me
Video / VIA Drivers
nVidia 6.31 final release
Benchmarking Applications
Quake III Arena v1.25
Microsoft DirectX 8.0
Madonion 3DMark 2000 v1.1., ZD CPUmark 99, Sisoft Sandra 2001

I've tested my Celeron II 566 at 850 MHz against this Pentium III on a few different boards and it always ended up the loser. That's why I decided to do this review with the Pentium III 500e at 667 MHz. Obviously, you can find a faster Pentium III to overclock for very cheap seeing that I paid over $250 USD for this very processor when they were first released in Christmas of 1999. A Pentium III 700e would make a very good combination with this motherboard I think.

This board features the Apollo Pro chipset which has independent memory timings as one of its features. The memory on this board was set to 133 MHz in order to maximize the performance of the system. Unfortunately I couldn't get my memory to work in "turbo" mode at 133 MHz and had to settle for the "normal" setting. I also couldn't get this memory to work at CAS2 at this high of a speed. This will come into the picture a little later on.

Make sure you take note in the BIOS setup since setting the CPU FSB to 133 MHz won't automatically set your memory to 133 MHz. You will be looking for a memory speed adjustment that allows you to select PCI Speed x 4 to reach 133 MHz with the memory.

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