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Ziff Davis CPUMark 99

Ziff Davis has had CPUMark 99 out there for quite some time. Simple truth is that it only takes a few seconds to run a benchmark and gives you a rough idea of what kind of speed the machine is capable of. This result is identical to the AK33 I tested a while back. You can download CPUMark99 from Ziff Davis here.

Sisoft Sandra 2001 Pro CPU benchmark
CPU Dhrystone 2237
FPU Whetstone 1097

Once again the numbers are extremely close. The AK33 scored 2236 and 1090 respectively. With only 1 point changed in CPU Dhrystone and 7 in CPU Whetstone I think its fair to say that they are almost identical. You can download Sandra here.

Sisoft Sandra 2001 Pro Memory Streaming benchmark
ALU/RAM Bandwidth 404
FPU/RAM Bandwidth 477

The AK73 gave me the same memory problem that the AK33 did - there is no accomodations for other memory timing settings than "normal" and "turbo". The AX34 Pro II had two more settings and the "fast" setting was the best compromise for increased performance and stability. I expected these results to be close between the two boards but was surprised to see that the AK33 scored 409 and 495 respectively. A couple of other sites have noted in their reviews that the lates KT133 boards feature slightly lower performance. A compromise for stability perhaps?

Here we can see the perfomance of the ATA-100 drive. I've noticed that Windows loads a lot faster since I've moved over to this drive. So do big programs like Quake III. Not too much else to talk about here since it works the way it is supposed to.


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