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Ziff Davis CPUMark 99

Ziff Davis has had CPUMark 99 out there for quite some time. Simple truth is that it only takes a few seconds to run a benchmark and gives you a rough idea of what kind of speed the machine is capable of. This same Duron 800 on the Azza motherboard scored 65.7. You can download CPUMark99 from Ziff Davis here.

Sisoft Sandra 2001 Pro CPU benchmark
CPU Dhrystone 2236
FPU Whetstone 1090

I've seen a paradox between Sandra's CPU benchmark and CPUMark 99 time and time again. That's why I would never rely on either of these benchmarks by themselves. The Azza board scored 2285 and 1114 respectively. The scores are very close but you can see that different manufacturers actually can have differences in design transfer over to raw performance. You can download Sandra here.

Sisoft Sandra 2001 Pro Memory Streaming benchmark
ALU/RAM Bandwidth 409
FPU/RAM Bandwidth 495

As I mentioned before in my Duron 800 review - its very important to get all your memory settings optimized to get the max performance for your system. A good expample? The Azza board only scored 349 and 388 respectively with this same benchmark. Memory performance can have a huge impact in how well the entire system performs, and ovbiously AOpen has payed very special attention to the memory performance of this board. Both boards were run with the memory at 133 MHz as CAS 3. Unfortunately for the Azza board it does not feature optimizations such as the AOpen AK33's "Fastest" or "Turbo" setting. What's more impressive here, as I mentioned before, is that I couldn't get this stick of memory to perform at the "Turbo" setting. Imagine how much higher the score in this benchmark could have been?


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