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ATA100 Test

Video Card Tests

I can only hope that true AGP 4X will arrive soon, either in patches or new games, as 266MHz (4x66MHz) peak bandwidth could really speed up those precious FPS. Currently, there is something like a 1% difference between 2X and 4X mode, but it's nice to know that you're future compatible.

D3D Tests
CPU Speed
UTBench "N"
UTBench "H"
6685 3DMarks
42.2 FPS
41.1 FPS
399 MP/s
6798 3DMarks
44.1 FPS
43.3 FPS
399 MP/s

UT and 3DMark2K are well known for their accuracy and repeatability. UTBench is somewhat of an aggravating benchmark because ultra high video card overclocking does little in comparison to plain old high CPU speed. A few more FPS were squeezed from the slight increase from 933 to 980. At 1024x768x32bpp, UT was very playable, not to mention the fabulous graphics from the LeadTek 64MB GTS.

OpenGL Tests
CPU Speed
Q3A "N"
Q3A "H"
123 FPS
81.9 FPS
331 MP/s
134 FPS
82.2 FPS
331 MP/s

These FPS numbers were all conducted with the on board sound on, so a further increase is probable with the sound off.

Memory Tests

Another rather large website that reviewed the SE6 gave it poor marks for memory performance and stability with Corsair PC133. Well, I just want to let them know that Mushkin has better stuff as the PC133 CAS2 SDRAM I used was not only 100% stable at 133MHz FSB but also 140MHz FSB. Not only were all tests were run in CAS2 mode, but all three DIMM slots were full (384MB total). Just look at those SiSoft 2000 benchmarks...drool. Click here if you desire to see the graph for 980MHz (140MHz FSB).

SiSoft 2000 Benchmarks
CPU Speed
Memory (ALU)
Memory (FPU)
391 MB/s
455 MB/s
410 MB/s
477 MB/s


The only reason the SE6 doesn't get a perfect 10 out of 10 is from the lack of one adjustment: Vio. This can increase the voltage from the stock 3.3v to 3.5v or 3.6v if Abit wanted it to, but there is a mysterious JP4 that is noted in the manual but had no apparent function or effect on anything. The Asus CUSL2 has Vio adjustments in addition to the more common Vcore voltage tweaks. The SE6 is a fabulous Motherboard that will give you great service for all your socket-370 needs and it is my pleasure to unhesitatingly recommend it.

William Yaple


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