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The only disparaging thing I can see about this excellent panel is that its built in speakers must have been an afterthought. The sound produced by them is very tinny and thin and I wouldn't recommend listening to music or using other sound intensive software with them. I assume they must have not been a priority as the volume control for them is accessed through the setup on-screen display area and there is no built-in volume knob or slider. I wouldn't make a purchase decision based solely on these speakers but I highly recommend you stick to a high quality set of speakers if you have high sound requirements.

After a couple of weeks of web browsing, word processing, and playing games I am very impressed with the LM 1503. We have seen several CRTs and flat panels come through our lab. Without a doubt the display of the Solarism LM1503 is simply the brightest and crispest display we have come across. At 1024 x 768 we enjoyed tremendous quality improvements in our software applications and games. With a planned release of a 17" unit that should handle higher resolutions the possibilities for Solarism look very good. At $649 the LM 1503 offers outstanding performance at a very reasonable price and I don't hesitate to recommend it to users who require a large improvement in display quality. Just bring your sunglasses!

Victor Oshiro September 22, 2001


Web Target PC


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