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I'm surprised that a lot more companies haven't jumped on this idea before. In reality I'm not a road warrior. Anyone who has to do sales in a large terriroty will like the idea of being able to leave the laptop plugged into the cigarette lighter while the phone charges off the USB of the laptop. Seems like a very trivial matter but there are still quite a few cars that are only equipped with one cigarette lighter. Another plus for these units is that by carrying a couple of batteries for the mobile computer you have more than enough juice to do your work and charge your phone if the need arises. I even made calls with my phone plugged into the computer for juice.

PDA users may feel a little neglected up to this point. I liked the idea of being able to charge a dead PDA at the office. PDA users get very dependent on their machines for keeping track of a lot of tasks so it makes a lot of sense to charge your PDA from a laptop or even from the office computer. Considering the amount of time a PDA can spend close to a computer that it is synced to it only makes sense that the computer reciprocate the arrangement with a little charge. Don't you think so? You can pick up one of these chargers at Staple's or Fry's and the their were a few more online retailers listed at Jetta Tech's site.

Victor Oshiro, May 13, 2001


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