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Let's Play!

The only way to see how well any gaming mat works is to play games with it. So I jumped into an internet game of Castle Wolfenstein. The surface of the mat is deeply grained. The closest that I can approximate this to is the back of wallpaper that has a woven texture. Never felt that? Think of a cutting board but instead of pits and raised areas the texture is very linear. I can see that this would be a good surface to work with on my optical mouse as there is a large amount of detail on the picture and the light should track well on the textured surface. Another thing that is interesting is that the surface the picture is on is bonded to a rubber backing surface. The picture surface isn't as flexible as a standard mouse pad - which explains the dog-eared condition it arrived in. The picture is actually below a clear layer of vinyl so you won't have to worry about it wearing off over time.

The mat did a very good job of staying put considering the backing material is very similar to a standard mouse pad. The surface worked very well while gaming and I didn't experience any tracking problems. That's a pretty big accomplishment with an optical mouse. About the only thing I missed from the RatPad that I normally use was its thickness. The Gaming Pad is the same thickness of a normal mouse pad despite it's superior surface. Now that I have adjusted to the thicker plastic gaming pads I found it harder to go back to a normal thickness mat - moreso than I would have expected.


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