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The Tests

Since the inception of TargetPC, I use and recommend Eric Deppe’s CDspeed & DVDspeed. Let’s see if Pioneer’s specs match the test results.

CD audio ripping test using 80 minute media

Never dropping below 12X, this 40X rated DVD drive can work with 8X CD burners rather well. Just make sure you’re not multitasking your brains out and the burner’s buffer shouldn’t fall to zero. Pioneer’s 70mS seek time is slightly out of spec but I suspect that their engineers meant this for data, not audio tests. What surprised me is the CPU utilization. At 8X, the speed of many current CD-R’s, just over one third of the system capabilities are being used. Audio ripping may have been an after thought for the DVD-104S.

CD data ripping test using 649MB media

Data transfer was top notch. An almost full 650 CD-R returned excellent results. Results that should be considered great for any CD-ROM let alone one that doubles as a DVD player. Pioneer’s minimum CD spec of 17.2X is exceeded but the seek time is still slightly below spec (rated 70mS, tested 83mS). CPU utilization is very good, equaling a SCSI-2 based Plextor 40X unit.

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