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Performance Reading DVD-ROM Media

Here the unit is tested with "The Mummy" as the source media. True to what was told to me by Eric, the unit does not spin faster than 4X while reading a movie. The purple line signals the edge of the disk, and that's the point that the unit will switch from one layer of data to another (one side of the disk to the other). Many players, especially those who strive for max-performance, can have a noticable dip here. Since this unit is designed for a steady performance output there is no noticable dip and that translates to no loss of performance while watching a movie at the outer edges of the disk.

I didn't have a data DVD-ROM to benchmark data read performance of the unit. Eric pointed me to this result on the DVDSpeed 99 website. This is the performance of this player reading a DVD data disk (anyone have a DVD encyclopedia they don't want?). The performance of the unit is constantly improving, and one thing I really like is how flat that line is while the player increases its performance. Not a dip to be seen. Look at what the unit is identified as: an Aopen DVD-ROM. Gee,I wonder who Aopen buys their DVD units from?


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