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The Sandra Dhrystone benchmark is still widely used to measure CPU performance in industry under various versions/variants. The benchmark is designed to contain a representative sample of types of operations, mostly numerical, used by applications.

The Sandra Whetstone benchmark is widely used in the computer industry as a measure of FPU or Co-Processor performance. Floating-point arithmetic is most significant in programs that require a Co-Processor. These are mostly scientific, engineering, statistical and computer-aided design programs.

In this 3D benchmark, 3D Mark 2001 shows the Direct3D performance from DirectX 8. AMDís Athlon XP 2000+ places just below the 2200A. The Xp got wasted by all the Intel processors, even the 2000

This Quake III benchmark puts the load on the processor. Notice the lead of the Pentium 4 at all speeds.

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