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Premiere 5.1 w/ Ligos LSX-MPEG for Adobe Premiere 

Adobe Premiere 5.1 is a video-editing program. Using Premiere, a consumer can easily combine a variety of video and audio sources with many effects such as audio filtering and video transitions. The final video can be output to several different audio and video formats. The Ligos LSX plug-in allows the user to save videos using Ligos's MPEG2 compression format.

The performance measurement utility starts Premiere, loads an AVI source file, changes the video settings, encodes a 320x240 AVI clip from an Intel MMX(TM) technology advertisement and measures the elapsed time. The video is encoded with the following settings: file type MPEG2, 640x480 resolution, variable bit rate video, 384k audio bit rate, motion estimation 16, and I, B and P frames included. The utility uses a beta version of lsxprem DLL v1.3.0.10, which is optimized for the Pentium 4 processor.

VideoStudio 4.0

Ulead VideoStudio is a video editing application. VideoStudio can be used to create videos for the web or for use on CD as well as to produce videos to send back out to tape. This software is used to take captured video clips and other media, including still images, titles, audio clips and assemble them into a final movie. The user uses a timeline to assemble the clips and media in the order they wish. After the media has been placed on the timeline, the user can select transitions to define how each clip "transitions" from one clip to the next one. Transitions can include fade outs, wipes, dissolves, or even more sophisticated effects such as burns, where the video appears to "burn" through the middle to reveal the next video clip below. After the clips and transitions have been selected, VideoStudio renders the final video, assembling all of the media into a single integrated video. The application uses a beta version of the LIGOS lsxprem DLL v1.3.0.10, which is optimized for the Pentium 4 processor. The transitions and resize functions were also Pentium 4 processor optimized.

The script for VideoStudio starts the application, opens an MPEG-2 NTSC quality video project containing four AVI video clips and three transition effects and renders the clips and effects into a final movie. The metric used to measure this application is the time it takes to run through the entire task from starting the application to finishing and closing the application. 

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