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Pentium 4 Processor APPLICATION LAUNCHER v2.

Intel Application Launcher v2. is a measurement utility that measures the application level speed up obtained from the Intel(r) NetBurst(tm) micro-architecture of the Pentium(r) 4 Processor using three business applications: Pixel Kinetix MagniTrax 1.02x, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 4.0 and Microsoft Windows Media Encoder 7.0. It also contains five consumer applications: Ulead Systems VideoStudio 4.0, Adobe Premiere 5.1 / Ligos LSX-MPEG for Adobe Premiere, Ligos GoMotion Video Decoder, Rage Software Incoming Forces, and Canon eJay MP3 Plus 1.3*. The utility runs on both Pentium 4 processor-based platforms and other platforms to enable a comparison of identical configurations. 

NaturallySpeaking* Preferred 4.0

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 4.0 is a continuous speech recognition application that converts speech into text. The script in the performance measurement utility CD plays a pre-recorded wave file (a recorded speech) using Dragon's PlayWave utility. The utility feeds this wave file into NaturallySpeaking which then converts the wave file to text. The time taken to load application and wave file and complete the conversion is used as the performance metric. The speech recognition program created by Dragon Systems is composed of several pieces including the underlying engine, the user interface, and several middle layers with language models, rules, and acoustic models.

Naturally Speaking Prefered (Time/s) Windows 98 SE Windows 200 PRO
Intel Pentium 4 1.5 GHz
Intel Pentium III 1.0 GHz

MagniTrax 1.02x

MagniTrax is a PC-based image viewer, designed to enhance desktop viewing capability into a spacious 3D environment. It can be used as an image viewer for conventional 2D images (jpegs, bmps, gifs, etc...) from digital cameras, scanned images, images swept off the web, and real-life 3D HoloGrafix(tm) images. MagniTrax utilizes patented face tracking technology, using a low cost USB video camera to track the user's head in real time. The application has been Pentium 4 processor optimized. 

Magnitrax 1.02 (Time/s) Windows 98 SE Windows 200 PRO
Intel Pentium 4 1.5 GHz
Intel Pentium III 1.0 GHz

The performance measurement utility measures the time spent tracking head movements from a previously recorded AVI clip while MagniTrax composites a 3D spatial image of a shopping catalog. For the purpose of this benchmark, the video processing module does not drop any frames from the AVI clip and waits for Magnitrax to finish the rendering.

Premiere* 5.1 w/ Ligos LSX-MPEG* for Adobe Premiere 

Adobe Premiere 5.1 is a video-editing program. Using Premiere, a consumer can easily combine a variety of video and audio sources with many effects such as audio filtering and video transitions. The final video can be output to several different audio and video formats. The Ligos LSX plug-in allows the user to save videos using Ligos's MPEG2 compression format.

Adobe Premiere 5.1 (Time/s) Windows 98 SE Windows 200 PRO
Intel Pentium 4 1.5 GHz
Intel Pentium III 1.0 GHz

The performance measurement utility starts Premiere, loads an AVI source file, changes the video settings, encodes a 320x240 AVI clip from an Intel MMX(TM) technology advertisement and measures the elapsed time. The video is encoded with the following settings: file type MPEG2, 640x480 resolution, variable bit rate video, 384k audio bit rate, motion estimation 16, and I, B and P frames included. The utility uses a beta version of lsxprem DLL v1.3.0.10, which is optimized for the Pentium 4 processor.