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At this point it should be quite obvious that I really like this overclocking package. Its lowest score was in CPU Mark 99, which being a synthetic test I don't place a tremendous amount of value in. Sisoft Sandra 2000 is also a synthetic test, and the Little Dipper came roaring back in that test. That clearly shows a couple of things. First, you should never put too much value in only one benchmark. Second, I think you'd be better off using benchmarks that are geared toward your intended use. That is why I like to test with 3D Mark 2000 and Quake III Arena.

If I had to take a guess about the Celeron2 I'd say that the engineers and marketing folks at Intel are aiming this CPU towards the business market. With most business oriented machines serving as word processors and e-mail stations the Cel2 in its stock speed has more than enough power. Without the power afforded by overclocking this processor I'd be leary to buy a Celeron2. Thats why a package like the Little Dipper is so important. I'd stay away from a Celeron2 that didn't come with a guarantee to overclock like the Little Dipper does.

The Little Dipper Kit offered very good performance across several benchmarks. Its few low spots weren't as bad as they appeared at first. Judging from the great Quake III Arena scores I'd say this is a very good CPU for someone looking for an upgrade. 850 MHz for under $200 is hard to beat, especially when you consider the quality slocket and heatsink that are delivered with this unit. That's a pretty powerful punch for only $189.99. Because of its acceptable performance in the real world, the quality components packed with it, and its exceptional value, the Proton Computers Little Dipper Kit walks away with the TargetPC value award.

Victor Oshiro
August 7, 2000


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