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Ziff Davis CPUMark 99

This score was a little surprising. I expected better. A little research and it became apparent that the Celeron2's 128k L2 cache is holding the CPU back. The Coppermine Pentium III features 256k of L2 cache. Intel took steps with the associative nature of the Celeron2's L2 cache to make it less competitive with an equally clocked Pentium III. So in very L2 cache intensive applications there will be a corresponding drop in performance. Don't let this fool you though, its not all as bleak as at first may seem.

In SiSoft Sandra we see the Celeron2 charging back where we expected the performance to be in the first place. The Celeron2 delivered solid Dhrystone and Whetstone performance in this benchmark. The achilles L2 cache suddenly doesn't look so bad. Of course synthetic benchmarks are not what each of us uses his/her computer for. Let's move onto Mad Onion's 3D Mark 2000 and Quake III Arena.


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