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I really like 3D Mark 2000 and Quake 3 Arena. They shake out a system real well. It's pretty interesting how a clock rating really doesn't tell the whole story when it comes to a CPU. If Intel moves the Celeron line upto 100 MHz bus they will stlil not surpass the performance of the Duron. We saw that very plainly with the benchmarks. This leaves Intel in an unusual position.

If Intel adds 128K of Level 2 cache when they move the Celeron line upto 100 MHz bus they will have the identical specs as the current Pentium III Coppermine. Intel has already publicly stated that they don't see the mainstream market getting the Pentium 4 for about another year after its release due to the high cost of RDRAM. That means that the current Pentium III will soldier on for the mainstream market. There are two easy solutions for Intel. Increase the Level 2 cache of the Celeron and the Pentium III to each keep them in line with their markets and reduce the pricing of the Celeron to match the pricing of the Duron.

There is a whole lot to like about the Duron 800. Even at its current pricing it features a lot of appeal and once slightly faster units are released the price will drop even more. AMD has a big hit on their hands with the Duron processors and you will see these things taking over the OEM market with this pricing. At this point I think people who are shopping for a new processor should strongly consider moving over to the Socket A form factor and pick up a Duron.

Victor Oshiro October 25, 2000


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