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Ziff Davis CPUMark 99

Duron 65.7
Celeron 57.2

I was pretty surprised by the low result for the Celeron. I repeated it several times and it always came up the same. This is why using only one benchmark to test a piece of hardware is a bad idea. You can download CPUMark99 from Ziff Davis here.

Sisoft Sandra 2000 Standard CPU Benchmark

Duron CPU Dhrystone 2285
Duron FPU Whetstone 1114
Celeron CPU Dhrystone 2343
Celeron FPU Whetstone 1137


SiSoft Sandra 2000 Memory Benchmark

Duron ALU Memory Bandwidth 349 MB/s
Duron FPU Memory Bandwidth 388 MB/s
Celeron ALU Memory Bandwidth 259 MB/s
Celeron FPU Memory Bandwidth 282 MB/s

That is quite a paradox - that the Duron at 50 MHz less speed can kill the Cel2 in CPUMark99 but gets edged out with Sandra. This is why I wouldn't rely on just one benchmark to make any conclusions about a component. At the urging of a reader - Guamcell - I ran the streaming memory test from Sandra also. With a lot of memory optimizing in the BIOS the Duron just smoked the Celeron again. Make sure you play with your BIOS settings too so you can get a good result like this. You can download Sandra here.


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