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Reaching the magical 1GHz mark

For most reaching the 1GHz mark shouldn't be a problem with the 933MHz. I'm including the most because the processor already runs at 133MHz front side bus, which is considered as Intel's maximum official bus support at this moment. We had success pushing our sample unit as high as 1022MHz (7.0x - 146MHz) using our Asus P3V4X mainboard running on Mushkin High Performance 1.5 PC133 Memory. It successfully posted at 148 (7.0x 148) and at 150MHz (7.0x 150) but stability issues were present.
The Test was performed on the 3DfxCOOL AlphaC-MHO-FAN Using their MPU 3.7 Thermal Compound. However the Intel Stock heatsink will Be enough.

Test System

Intel Pentium III 650E
Intel Pentium III 667EB
Intel Pentium III 733EB
Intel Pentium III 800E
Intel Pentium III 800EB
Intel Pentium 866EB
Intel Pentim 933EB
Heatsink & Fan
Retail Stock

Asus P3V4X
Mushkin High Performance 1.5 - 128MB CAS2 PC133 (supplied by Mushkin)
Hard Drive(s)
IBM 15.3GB 75GXP 7200 RPM ATA100


Kenwood 72X w/221E BIOS (supplied by AD of K)
Sound Card
Diamond MX400 OEM (supplied by AZZO)
Video Card
Matrox G400 32MB (supplied by AZZO)

Operating System
Windows 98SE
Video / VIA Drivers
VD: BETA 6.00.010, VIA: AGP4.03,VIA 4-in-1 Driver version 4.22
Benchmarking Applications
Other WinTune99, CPUMARK 99, Sisoft Sandra 2000 Professional

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