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Time for bottom lines. Lately, many products reviewed at TargetPC have received the editor's choice award. We do not give these out like candy, rather we've simply had a flood of great products to review. It's a terrible conundrum I know... ;-)

The GlobalWin FKP-32 is without a doubt the most overclocking friendly heatsink for Coppermine series FC-PGA processors I've laid eyes on. The fit and finish are best in class and the price is dirt cheap. With a 347 MHz overclock to 880 MHz, this heatsink fan combo was able to keep the C2 at an average temp of 100F (38C) and a peak temp of 102F (39C). The fan noise is loud, but clear and clean. At just over $20 USD, if it fits in your case, grab one. If the FKP-32 can't meet your cooling needs, you'll probably have to spend upwards of $100 to nab multiple fans and active peltier coolers. Considering the price/flexibility/performance ratio, the FKP-32 earns a well deserved editor's choice award.

And if any hardware is deserving of the editor's choice award, it's the 533A without question. When was the last time you could steal 266 MHz from just a FSB boost? With a little more help from a small voltage boost, a free 347 MHz jump to 880 is possible. Just Try a 65% overclock with an Athlon and see how far you get. Now you know how excited I am to spread the word about the new Celeron 2 series of chips. Not only are they cheap to begin with, they represent the hands down best CPU value on the market today. Intel had better start making these babies by the millions.

Intel Celeron 533A
GlobalWin FKP-32

William Yaple

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